My plans and bussiness

hello there hopping everybody is safe,so far this year has been crazy as some of us lost loved ones and jobs or eather, I stopped working in march 22nd and picked up on blog and my sewing machine πŸ€—.

it’s a hot Mess πŸ™‚

As off March i decided to dive in to my small business that im hopping to grow as time go by ,yup that’s right ,as off now im a full time Mom of 2and my 2 fury animal’s plus a Dressmaker ,im so excited ive been getting ready for this a couple month’s now .

Meet my lovely partners in crime Maria the smallest dressform and Rose my newest partner.πŸ˜€

Maria has been with me for over 8 years now,this year i purchased Rose on ,so happy with my purchase it got to me so fast and it came with everything necessary .Rose will help me most with my drapping,as i have a plan to get to work very soon .

a bit of my drapping there on my partner Maria

As off march ive made so many pieces, my wardrobe is 99%made by me πŸ‘,i love every single piece i made,which ill be sharing everything abaout each piece.

this 2 i don’t have anymore,i cleaned my closet.

i love this 2 still my favorite,those shorts were once the dawn jeans pattern by Meghan Nielsen, i made 12 pairs of jeans last year, 😱, i love my dawn jeans. the top is from a burda style magazine as ill be sharing alot of my makes from there to .

ill be talking abaout my knitting work

That’s right my love for knitting, and my overwhelming #makeninechallenge ,πŸ˜€, because who dosen’t like to be overwhelmed. I’ll be talking abaout My knitcrate, monthly subscripion where i get my yarn from.❀

thank you for stopping by ,ill be trying to post every monday, if not more ,β€πŸ‚stay safe .πŸ˜·πŸƒ

Published by Estela NuΓ±ez

Hello ,im a passionate for fashion,style ,sewing and knitting ,here I'll be showing my makes and where i purchase everything .

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