Mystery box 5 yards of fabric and fabric haul i did

“shades of indigo” denim box

well worth this mystery box from #nickoftimefabrictextiles  ,i did some research before i bought it ,i could not find much information on this mystery boxes ,they have a couple types of boxes in they’re website,oh boy am i glad i got one of this 🤗 #shadesofindigodenimbox

the light to medium weight #denim,one of the pieces as some strech

That’s right i had no ideia what i was getting myself in to ,🤗, i got  diferent weights of   #denim ,they all got over 1 yard and 3 of them have almost 2 yards each ,again,good value for my money ,without a doubt,🙂,i see a pair of #dawnjeans and a pair of #ashjeans down the road 👏 #MeaganNielsenpatterns

medium to heavy weight denim .i don’t have any plans for this so far ,but something will come to me

yes this will be in my #fabricstash till i think of what to do, #denimjacket sounds amazing , 🤗.let’s see what else i got in my purchase goods 🙂

this will be in a mini colection ill be making for fall 🍁👏

I’m getting ready to create a little #fallwardrobe ,And who’s not ready for that cooler weather , #pumpkin’s , #knitting sweaters all the fuzzy things we love and adore #🍁i got some #italianpleatherwoven and some #Italianpleathervinyl and 2 pieces of burgundy and dark forest green #denimwoven mid weight, all good ,durable and fashionable fabric.

some swatches i got from this store last year #nickoftimefabrictextiles 🍁

They’re swatches come with good information on the fabric type ,price whatever info we might need .

Of to knitting 🧶 we go ,this week i need to finish this soon ,they will be send to #portugal #aveiro #🇵🇹 Olá ❤🍂🍁

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