Summer Wardrobe on the making

This summer i decided making most of my piece’s,and how exciting it is finding good linenfabric .

This dress makes me smile 😊

As a petite curvy girl i never find anything that would fit me so perfect made out of linen fabric at the stores, i used a pattern from a magazine callled burdastyle magazine 2019 issue,very easy to make and fast .

nop ,i didn’t put pokets 🤷‍♀️

I changed the pattern a littlebit i didn’t put the sleves on,i did a full bust adjustment and changed the skirt, added elastic to the back ,so it would fit just like that ,when i was done with the dress, and just than ,i thought about adding pockets, maybe next time 🤷‍♀️,it’s perfect 👏😊

the skirt

the top had alot adjustments

The pattern itself it’s supose to fit loosely,i didn’t took any pictures of the process of inside of the dress or back🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️,it’s something i forget,and it’s on the washer now ill add some if i remeber later on day ,It wasn’t nessesary to add lining to dress ,the linen fabric as a nice drape, and the color is amazing that beautiful yellow .

here’s a back picture
here’s the elastic detail ,not very professional but it works 😀
the front all finished on rong side 😀❤

I added wood buttons ,found them on Amazon, I’ve used this dress non stop this past month and it looks the same ,it didn’t shrink 🎉👏😊,the linen i found it at my local fabric store “rainbowfabrics”,they have a really nice burned orange color that i used to make a pair of summer trousers, will talk abaout it next time 🤗.

This week that’s all i have to say abaout my fun yellow dress,stay safe.😷

homemade Portuguese cheese 😋

Published by Estela Nuñez

Hello ,im a passionate for fashion,style ,sewing and knitting ,here I'll be showing my makes and where i purchase everything .

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