Hopping everybody is having a wonderful labor day weekend, if you need fabric you should check one this of  boxes ,i got the one with the interlock knit fabric ,so good ,this will be great for pajamas for kids or evwn tops and leggings, i can add some print fabric to it ,it’s really cute good material  .

5colors with 2 to 3 yards each
washed and ready to be used 🤗
came on that box with couple fabrics i needed

i got this really cute flannels for button down shirts ill post them on bottom  ,i would say if you need some knits for long sleves,pajamas,leggins ,kids clothing this are so cute and good plus they do change colors every couple weeks so you wont get same colors every time .i got the box with 10 yards box it was priced at 45$ over it was they’re anniversary so it was cheaper but they are still at same price for the labor day weekend got get yours while u can .

some flannels  i purchased with Nick of  time textile good material its washed ready to cut now to
aparently im a warm autumn  and ill need to had some color to my wardrobe ,i have an ideia of what i meed in my wardrobe for fall but this test give me some ideias on what colors i can add more .

Today is a very important day,I will be posting the blog a day before my usual day,It’s my daughter birthday ,she’s 4 years old ,just the other day she was born, i will be making cake for here,chocolate is here favorite,my beautiful princess 🎉🥳❤🤗🙏,im very blessed❤,off i go to a very fun day with my baby ,take care everybody have a blessed day 😊

Published by Estela Nuñez

Hello ,im a passionate for fashion,style ,sewing and knitting ,here I'll be showing my makes and where i purchase everything .

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